The Long Road Home: A Romantic Murder Mystery

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After a lifetime of being protected and sheltered by her parents, Kate’s life turn upside down after their sudden death.

With nowhere else to turn, she ends up with her fiancé: a conniving businessman who is well on his way to becoming a corrupt lawyer. At the same time, Kate’s father’s law firm houses more secrets than a politician’s hard drive.

Later, she receives a shocking surprise when a long-lost half-brother enters her life. Can Kate rise to these challenges, discover the truth and re-emerge as a stronger, smarter version of herself?

Category: Stand-Alone Books


About the Author

CAROLYN M. BOWEN is a mystery author who calls on her life escapades and an adventurous, imaginative spirit to inspire and entertain. Bowen uses travel as a muse to explore cultures and dialogue to bring her stories to life. Her writing credits include Cross-Ties, a romantic adventure; The Long Road Home, a contemporary crime fiction mystery; Cross-Stepping Your Way to Success; The Sydney Jones Series, Book 1: Primed For Revenge, a mystery thriller, Book 2: Chance — A Novel, and Book 3: One.